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Opening 5 April 2007, exclusively at GSC International Screens Mid Valley Mall, 1-Utama, Gurney Plaza


  • Original title: Niao Wu
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Duration: 97 minutes
  • Languages: Mandarin / Hokkien
  • Subtitles: English
  • Shooting format: DV
  • Screening format: Digital Betacam PAL, Betacam SP PAL or DV Cam PAL
  • Image: Color
  • Scope: 4:3
  • Sound: Stereo 48kHz
  • Distributor:


What is the fate of an aging house? The Bird House explores the tense relationship between two brothers, an aging Father, a Maid and the Old House.

Two brothers oppose one another's attempts to exploit their pre-war "Straits Ecletic" style house in small historical town, Melaka. Hua hopes to supplement his income by venturing into the birds' nest (a popular dessert among the Chinese community) market but he would have to convert the house into a large bird house. Keat plans to save the home by converting it into an antique shop. Meanwhile, the aging father, like the old house, says little but feels everything. The Bird House will explore the tensions between ancient and modernity, human desire and morality.

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Lee Kiat Lee as Keat
Loh Bok Lai as Hua
Lim Eng Beng as Father
Sellapan a/l Virapan as Driving school owener
Mardiana Ismail as Maid
Lai Thai as Bird Keeper
Tan Deh Hua as Mother

Director: Khoo Eng Yow
Producer: Khoo Eng Yow
Writer: Khoo Eng Yow & Chen Long Wen
Cinematographer: Albert Hue
Music: Faith Tay
Editor: Khoo Eng Yow
Audio: Muhammad Bahir
Executive Producer: Lina Tan
















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