Director’s Statement

Using a simple narrative structure, the film offers a gentle examination of the changing times, shifting relationships between human and their home.

Director's Bio :

  • Railway Steps (2002), 30 mins
    • 7th Malaysia Video Awards (Bronze Medal)
  • 3rd Party (2003), 26 mins
    • 2003 Try-Cam Independent Film Festival (Silver)
    • 7th Thai Short Film Festival (Official Selection)
    • 17th Singapore International Film Festival (Selection)
    • 8th Ismailia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films, Egypt

  • ah kew the digger (2004), 72 mins
    • 2nd Humanism and Caring Award (Jury Recommendation)
    • Jonio International Film Festival, Italy (Nomination)
    • IV International Audiovisual Festival, Azerbaijan (Selection)
  • Job Interview (2004), 7 mins
    • Singapore Film Symposium, 2004
    • 2nd .MOV International Digital Film Festival, Philippines
    • Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival, 2005 (Selection)



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