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Ngai Yuen | 1413
Ngai Yuen graduated with a biology and chemistry degree in June 2000 and became the host of the TV program 3R (respect, relax, respond). In between her engagements for TV and hosting events, Ngai Yuen has directed the TV programs Satelit and Generasi for Astro Ria. She has also directed a short film Your World My World which won the first prize at the people’s choice awards in the Starlight Cinema and Evian Short Film Festival. The film was selected for screening at the 8th Manchester International Short Film & Video Festival 2003 as well as the 7th Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. In the beginning of 2004, in order to hone her skills as a filmmaker, Ngai Yuen completed a course on filmmaking in Melbourne, Australia . She has recently directed a Cantonese stage production Remembering Leslie and Anita. She is currently directing a TV program for RTM2 called Growing Pains and will be appearing in a new TV program 1, 2, 3.

James Lee | Waiting for Them
A Graduate of Saito Academy of Graphic Design, James is one of Malaysia’s foremost independent filmmakers with a strong independent movie audience base. His first low budget digital film Snipers was made in the year 2001 and was screened in local theatres and also in the Singapore Film Festival to rave reviews. He then directed his second film Ah Beng Returns (screened at Singapore Film Festival 2001) and many short films. His third DV feature Room to Let was screened in at least fifteen international film festivals including Rotterdam, Montreal , Hong Kong and Deauville Asian. His short film Teatime with John won the main award in the Thai Short Film & Video Festival 2003. He has just completed his fourth film The Beautiful Washing Machine which premiered simultaneously in the Hong Kong and Singapore Film Festival this year and was recently invited to screen in Korea’s Pusan International Film Festival.

Ng Tian Hann | Nodding Scoop
Ng Tian Hann received his B.A. (Literature and Theatre) from National Taiwan University . After working for three years as a producer-director, Hann set up his production company, Muddy Estuary Pictures Sdn Bhd. He made his first Mandarin DV feature in 2001 by simply collecting models, beauty queens and radio DJs in the film. His latest completed DV feature is First Take, Final Cut (2003), which was made using extra cash advance from credit card. It won the Bronze award in the 2003 Malaysian Video Awards for Best Asean Features category. The film was also invited to the Singapore International Film Festival 2004 and the 27th Asian American International Film Festival 2004. It is scheduled for release in the near future. Hann is now working on his next feature script, a comedy entitled Finalists, and also a drama called Hot Sands, Cool Water. Besides making films, Hann also lectures in Hanxing Academy of Journalism and Communication.

Ho Yuhang | Anybody Home?
An engineer by training, Yuhang made a surprising career move – to write and direct his own films. He learned the trade by working in the TV advertising industry. He worked his way up from production assistant to director. One of his first productions, Semangat Insan: Masters of Tradition won a Malaysian Video Award in 2001. He has since directed a few independent short films and documentaries that travelled to international film festivals in Tampere (Finland), Singapore, Manila and many more. His first telemovie Min, part of the NTV7 Odissi series, won the Special Jury Prize in the Nantes Festival of 3 Continents in France . He was also invited to be one of the judges for the 2004 Singapore Film Festival. He has just completed his latest DV feature Sanctuary has competed in the 2004 Pusan Film Festival in Korea, and was awarded the

NETPAC at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2005 and received a Special Mention in the Fribourg International Film Festival.






















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